Stay Connected With Your Customers From Multiple Remote Locations

Enterux VCC is easy to integrate, automate, and a scalable solution developed in-house with intelligent queuing mechanism and event-based calling.

How Enterux VCC is advantageous to enterprises?

Easy Integration

CTI-CRM Integration

Computer Telephony integrates with the existing client CRM. It initiates outbound calls directly from the CRM saving time and reducing manual error.

Client data is integrated directly from all kinds of online communication about the product/brand and adapted to the system.

Auto Lead Generation

Convert Viewers to Leads

Client data from any of the virtual adverts captured through API is adapted to the system to let the agent convert viewers to leads.

Secured & Easy Access

Easy Accessibility

Easy accessibility from remote locations with Single-Sign-On to Cloud Voice + CRM

Customised Campaign Management

Defined Lead Distribution

Distribute leads real-time by a defined ratio between multiple call centers, enabled all on the system.

Open leads, distribute with no criteria with FIFO/LIFO method.

Route calls to specific agents based on predefined criteria.

Quality Assurance & Monitoring

Call Barging

Supervisors can barge a call to assess the call quality. Call center being virtual, easy monitoring helps in maintaining the required quality.

Realtime dashboards help in planning, managing and accessing performance.

Call recordings can be made accessible as per the scope of the role. It helps in quality assurance, identifying training needs and designing training programs.

In-built scheduler helps in better planning. It improves individual and process efficiency.

Schedule virtual daily huddles and periodic meetings through video conferencing, from the system itself. Give the agents feel of an office.

Global Operations

Global Operations by connecting through multiple locations

Operate globally with agents present in different locations, with systems to increase management efficiency.

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports with preferred cuts and slices.

Realtime Data View Via Online Pivots

Realtime Data View Via Online Pivots

Draw pivots anytime and anywhere to enable easy supervision and course correction.

How does Enterux VCC provide a secure call center environment?

Controlled Failovers

Multi operator and multi-location cloud provide physical, geographical and telco failovers. It avoids any disruption and ensures the smooth flow of business in adverse situations.

Client Data Protection

Auto data purging:
Auto data purging policy deletes all client data as per the agreed and defined timeline.

Encryption of contactable data points:
While with encryption of contactable data points within purging, makes it impossible to view client data beyond the scope of the call.

Over-the-air encryption:
Over-the-air data-based encryption takes data security to the next level. It does not allow any data exchange, zero scopes to open, copy or paste data provides holistic data protection.

Whitelisted IP only

Users/agents can be fixed to login from whitelisted IP addresses only. It not only secures the whole process but, ease overall monitoring too.

How Enterux VCC is advantageous to enterprises?

Dialer Features

  • Outbound dialing
  • Preview dialing
  • Predictive dialing
  • Inbound call
  • Return call
  • Missed call
  • Auto call back to abandoned incoming calls

Agent Features

  • Call transfer
  • Call holding
  • Manual outbound call
  • Call back/follow up

Disposition Message

SMS/email to customer on disposition, to close the conversation by seeking feedback or thanking them

Transfer Of Call

Scheduled transfer of Call Recordings in a specified naming convention to client destination


Agile design for custom enhancements

User Management Profiles

Prevalent profiles in the system to kick start the system

  • Agent
  • Team Leader
  • Quality
  • Supervisor
  • Campaign Manager
  • Floor Manager
  • Administrator
  • Super User

Changing times demand innovative solutions.

Move your traditional call center to cloud telephony solution without any additional infrastructure cost, automate inbound and outbound processes.