Chat Bot

Chatbots have proved to be the game changers of digital marketing. It is one of the most efficient and inexpensive tools to connect with users from their respective locations. Chatbot at Enterux is driven bots designed to enable actionable conversations using NLP, integrating APIs.


Customer Engagement

Use of chatbots has made customer engagement dynamic and effortless. Service your customers, drive marketing & promotion campaigns, generate leads, upsell & cross-sell, collect and analyze data: Mark your presence in your customer’s life with using conversational commerce.

Customer Service

Enhance the service experience without wasting your customer’s time, with round-the-clock presence. Continue the engagement of customers from automated chats to a human agent, LIVE, through chat or call, drive action with every interaction. Facilitate your human agent with data from automated chats to identify the required action and close the query. Use predictive dialer to let the call get transferred to the right agent as per the set protocol.

Lead Generation

Convert your visitors to customers with real-time conversations. Segment your customers using demographic data, current context. Make your chatbot ask the right questions to understand your customers better. Engage the customer and generate leads without forms & papers.

For instance, past data indicates the visitor on an e-commerce site is a woman, visiting during the stock clearance sale. Chat history shows the customer had previously checked out a shoe but did not buy. Your chatbot is armed with this information to strike a conversation.

Brand Engagement

Make your chatbot your brand ambassador. Keep the interaction on through communicating brand benefits, announce product launches, promotional offers, have a keen eye on after-sales service,

Market Research

Your chatbot is an analytical tool. Observe brand mentions, customer behaviour and track buying patterns, understand the market value of competing products. Plan your marketing strategy using this information. Save cost and increase revenue through it.

Employee Engagement

Automate your HR processes, eliminate redundancy and errors, increase efficiency. Help HR improve productivity by focusing on the critical aspects of human resource management and freeing them from mundane administrative responsibilities - all using SSO.

Automation will enable you to:

  • Give a gist of the culture, influence and inspire prospective and existing employees
  • Use chatbot to attract, hire and onboard talent
  • Facilitate development, connect employees with the right training, empower them to meet their aspirations
  • Manage their performance, chart their growth plan, integrate with Talent Management & Succession Planning
  • Timely recognition & celebration
  • Centralized policy & processes enable easy communication & addressing of queries
  • 24/7 support available to employees
  • All conversations are important, listen to your employees
  • Design wellbeing programs as per the need of the employees

Data from the chatbot, in turn, will give HR insights to take quick decisions. Identify high performers, map drivers to keep them motivated, or, detect early signs of disengagement, take action to retain. Decide if the next level of employees should be trained in the external leadership development program based on the ROI on training. Choose a brand ambassador for campus engagement using student feedback.

Retain, engage & empower your employees.

Virtual Enterprise

Centralize all your business data using automation for easy dissemination and use. Empower your employees with access to knowledge and communication, improve efficiency. For instance, a sales employee can get the required information real-time with zero dependencies and close her/his call with ease.

Ready-to-Use Solutions


Onboard customers, complete KYC process digitally with Enterux KYC Bot.

  • Reduce error, fraud.
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy significantly.
  • Automate the process of collecting and storing customer information.
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Promote a customer-centric sales and marketing environment with Enterux Omnichannel.

  • Make an impact, integrate the right channels to reach customers.
  • Collect data, understand customer preferences.
  • Engage customers with the right information, boost sales.
  • Understanding the customer mindset to devise marketing strategy had never been this easy!
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