Video Conference Platform

Connect virtually, conduct online meetings, webinars, reviews, conferences, cross-functional brainstorming, interviews, training, and the likes of it through CoVideo an Enterux Video Conferencing Platform.



Experience an app-less equipment-less platform for easy sign-in. Connect to a browser of choice, access it from anywhere on the globe.

Face Authentication

Hassle-free, quick sign-in available through face authentication.

Unlimited Devices & Unlimited Time

Connect unlimited devices simultaneously with zero-time restriction.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms for smaller team activities/sessions through the live conference. Experience the real workshop virtually.

Encrypted Conversations

In-premise servers to give absolute data control and security. Conversations encrypted.

Record Meetings

An option to record meetings makes future references easy.

Enterprise SSO

Password fatigue is a reality. A simplified sign-in process with SSO also increases identity protection.

Custom-Branded Platform

Give the video conferencing platform a personalized touch with custom branding. Promote identity, increase brand recall, let people associate your product or service with a unique identity.

Bespoke Features – Agile System

Bespoke features designed to suit enterprise needs.

Enterprise communication

Use Enterux Video Conferencing to facilitate two-way communication, disseminate information, cross-collaboration, employee development & recognition. Connect with stakeholders around the globe. Integrate technology with business strategy and people processes to enable dynamic decision making.

Develop a secure learning platform on Enterux Video Conferencing, connect teachers/tutors with students anytime, anywhere. Integrate Enterux ChatBot, create a holistic learning environment, facilitate student interaction. The technology can help individual tutors, coaching centers, educational institutes.

  • Custom learning methods and tools
  • Classrooms with in-build meeting rooms
  • Recorded lectures on the platform
  • Messaging, raise hand option and screen sharing through the lecture
  • Give assignments, declare scores on the Bot
  • Answer preliminary queries on the Bot
  • Admissions and other administrative tasks handled on the Bot
  • Global access
  • Engage students belonging to different age group

Consult patients on Enterux Video Conferencing. Integrate Enterux ChatBot, develop an end-to-end virtual health facility. Conduct preliminary diagnosis, collect patient history, via automated chatbot, reserve facetime for actual consulting. Embrace a new-age methodical system to run clinics and hospitals, deliver optimum medical care.

  • Fluent connect between AI-powered Bot and a human assistant/doctor
  • Schedule appointments without human intervention
  • Patients can connect over the web or mobile app
  • Easy storage and access of patient diagnosis history
  • Prescription history available at a click
  • Incorporating tests data for future reference and monitor patient progress
  • Patients do not need to carry bulky test files all the time
  • Easy accessibility and communication between consultations for patients
  • Custom design to experience the look and feel of an actual clinic

Coach fitness enthusiasts and amateurs on Enterux Video Conferencing. Conduct live workout of any field; Yoga, Zumba or Gym. Communicate with the participants, have dedicated individual coaching or group learning through the platform - easy login for the participant, without an app, around the globe.

  • Participant interaction
  • File sharing
  • Tips and workout routines
  • Branded and customized
  • Certify coaches

Host live events online on a secure platform, Enterux Video Conferencing. Whichever the art be, share your content, interact with viewers, with no physical barriers. Connect with the world around you, enrich your and others lives.

  • Messaging, file sharing, screen sharing
  • Record and store
  • Branded and customized
With the world going virtual, enterprises of any scale must have secured communication channels. Enterux Video Conferencing technology gives enterprises absolute control over their data with secured servers on their premises and SSO. The platform can be customized to the industry, enterprise or individual need.

Ready-to-Use Solutions

Video KYC

Video call-based KYC is the automation of KYC processing, approved by RBI. Enterprises can now reach out to customers virtually without the need for brick-and-mortar presence.

  • Paper-less and expeditious onboarding enhances customer experience.
  • Significant reduction in manual error, and costs up to 75%
  • Increase in fraud detection makes it an ideal choice for banks, NBFCs, wallets, and other financial institutions.

Further, Video KYC is an advantage for every enterprise. Organizations are made of employees who are hired & onboarded, sporadically.

  • On board employees virtually.
  • Verify documents through a short-simple video call.
  • Give new joiners another reason to appreciate their association.
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A ready solution for your virtual communication needs. Get on board now, experience high-quality video & audio platform.

  • Hassle-free connect on any device through any browser.
  • Build to adapt to work on available bandwidth.
  • What more? It’s multilingual. Made in India, made for India, and the World.
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