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What is Cloud VOICE?

As enterprises increasingly are embracing remote culture, video conferencing is imperative today. It's essential to have tools to build trust in relationships at work; however, a surge in the use of complementary options has provoked questions to ponder. How sustainable is it for the service providers? If using their platform is free, the next question; is the data being exchanged, then secured? Cloud VOICE is the response to this inquest.

Enterprises get the privilege to host Cloud VOICE on their servers in their premises. Absolute authority over the data ensures privacy and security to the core. SSO gives an advantage; it increases efficiency in operations and reduces security risks.

Experience Cloud VOICE at its best:

Easy Login

Login using existing social media credentials, through any browser, supported on mobile and desktop.

Ease of Sharing Link

Share your personal meeting room links via any of the messaging apps or email, or SMS.

User Interactions

Use messaging, raise a hand, have a private chat, share screens & files to engage participants.

Zero Interruption

Conduct meetings for an unrestricted duration and with unlimited people. Experience seamless connects adaptable to available bandwidth.


Get support to host meetings, understand functions and features.


Engage employees, vendors from semi-urban and non-urban areas using the multilingual facility.

Customize Meetings

Personalize meeting rooms using unique names, colours and virtual background.

Easy steps to get on Cloud VOICE

Step 1:
Join using existing social login.

Step 2:
Go to the assigned 'room' grant permission for the use of a microphone & camera.

Step 3:
Share room link via any messaging app/email/SMS.

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