Promote a Customer-Centric Sales and Marketing Environment with Enterux Omnichannel

Give your customers a unified brand experience and create an impactful omnichannel strategy with Enterux Omnichannel.

With Enterux Omnichannel, understand your customer’s preferred channels to communicate with you, integrate those channels to give your customers a unified brand experience, create an impactful omnichannel strategy. Add essence to the conversations with real-time context, take customer delight to the next level.

Channelize conversations to a single-window through various mediums like video, voice, chat, email via social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter Messenger, lastly; Email, Web and Mobile App. Unify customer’s experiences, let customers experience the same journey through different avenues.

How Enterprises Benefit from Enterux Omnichannel?

Delight Customers Increase Revenue

  • Strike every conversation with the context to have meaningful result-driven interactions with the customers. Merged data on a single screen from multiple channels help in building a consolidated picture.
  • Understand customer behaviour through monitoring their presence on each channel, and their response to different communication. Device marketing strategy to announce relevant deals and promotions, increase customer acquisition.
  • Build customer relation, communicate with them through their preferred channels. Know which channel would serve what purpose, accordingly, post relevant information.
  • Quick response to customer queries, sending relevant information at the right time, increased interaction on customer preferred channel with personalized service will help improve CSAT.
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Enhance Business Processes

  • Get real-time dashboards on Enterux Omnichannel. Examine conversations from different channels, analyze the content in the context of the customer history, make decisions based on insights.
  • Data and reports from specific channels help gauge customer interest, formulate a strategy to utilize specific channels for communication relevant to them.
  • Automation of workflows helps in prioritizing tasks while serving the customers. It aids in maintaining SLAs, streamline operations.
  • Auto routing helps in quick resolution of queries and complaints. With the help of set rules, customers are connected to the preferred agent for immediate solution and customer satisfaction.
  • Ease in monitoring operations with centralized conversations, timely reports and status.
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What Enterprises Experience?

Multichannel Single Window

Your agent gets to manage conversations from video, voice, chat and email on a single help desk.

Outbound & Inbound

They can make outbound calls and receive inbound calls, maintaining a cadence of conversation from the same desk, without lifting a call.


Effectively utilize resources with automation, from call center operations to agent management.

Real-time Monitoring

Transparent system and live reports and dashboards help in making result-oriented decisions.