Enteruxs’ Video KYC

Enterprises turning to Enteruxs’ Video KYC process experiences a scientific approach to collect and store customer information. Enteruxs' proprietary machine learning algorithms, Artificial Intelligence-powered validations and verifications enhance accuracy exceedingly. Inhouse developed OCR and image recognition technologies optimize data security.

How to Enterux Video KYC is RBI Compliant?

Proficient Banking Grade Technology & Infosec Compliance

  • Auto image capturing
  • Live streaming & recording of video
  • Liveness verification to prevent spoofing
  • Live location capturing with IP & GPS
  • Face and OCR ID details matching with application & other documents
  • Live PAN card image capturing and assessment & verification with NSDL
  • Aadhaar XML verification, AI-based masking
  • Built on Advanced Consent Architecture following the proposed privacy law
  • Compliant with the law and regulatory guidance
  • Data is stored and encrypted on your premises for compliance
  • Blacklist/Repository check maintained

How enterprises leverage Enterux Video KYC?

The Video Call

A multi-party private conference with AI-powered Bots for non-assisted interaction, along with facilitating agent interaction, also supported on low bandwidth internet, provides a seamless experience to the customers and the enterprise.

Real-time Verification

Verify PAN through NSDL, Aadhaar through XML support, face-match with IDS, and OTP verification. All real-time!

Real-time Image Capture

Capture Facial biometric, PAN and AADHAAR while on the call.


Avoid identity theft, determine user’s presence by face liveness recognition; on-screen checks like smiling, and instinctive actions like nodding, blinking. Check location through Geotagging.

Security & Audits

Regular audits by internal/external auditors. Preserve activity and data logs as part of the call - store encrypted data with timestamp recording and verification.

Platform Agnostic Solution

The platform is adaptable to desktop web & Android/iOS app

On-Premises Solution

Control over data as application and data is stored on-premises for compliance. Inhouse developed technologies ensure zero exposure to third-party.