About Us

Who we are ?

Enterux is a communication & technology company. It redefines the way communication is done to build rich conversational experiences for enterprises. The Seamless integration of voice, video and messaging provides unified communication solutions to cater to the organization's ever-evolving business needs. Real-time communication with a result-oriented approach facilitates execution of business goals. Leverage your business using Omnichannel, ChatBot, CoVideo, or, design a bespoke solution.

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Our Vision

To be at the forefront in communication & technology and contribute to ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Our Mission

We continuously reinvent, deliver innovative solutions by being open to change in technology. We develop real-time communication using custom technology, keeping customer centricity at the core. All our work gets developed, hosted and funded solely in India to create opportunities for many stakeholders.



Entrepreneurship is at the core of our culture. Enteruxites are collective owners of our vision, as opposed to being cogs in the corporate framework. It is attitude and mindset which should reflect in actions; it is to be result oriented. It is not about the task but the outcome that is of importance. Employees are supported with the required training, information, tools & resources to enable them to take decisions. The lean structure of the organization is another critical factor empowering an entrepreneurial culture. Employees are encouraged to experiment, be open to failure, learn from them, make advancement.

Passion flows in every Enteruxite. We chose people who firmly believe that technology has the potential to transform lives, and they wholeheartedly agree to be a part of this revolution. With this belief and the right people, Enterux has successfully created its space to make its customers market leaders.

We strongly believe in 'Change is the Only Constant'. We look for newer ideas and opportunities to re-engineer processes, invent products, create opportunities to influence industry outlook.

Customer-centricity begins by listening to our customers. It is to understand their explicit want and comprehend their implicit need. It culminates to recommending what’s best for them, rather than what we have for them.

About The : Founder

Mitul is passionate about Communications & Technology industry. His passion lies in facilitating businesses to communicate with their customers through the latest technological advancements. With the expansion in IP communication, he saw an opportunity to customize solutions with these technologies. He has witnessed the revolution from VOIP to IP, and now to 5G. He had mastered the concept of AI at its nascent stage in India through developing a programme ‘English Seekho’, which earned recognition at Maffys awards, London in 2010.