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What Is Enterux?

Enterux is a communication & technology company enabling enterprises excel in digital marketing and communication. It redefines the way communication is done to build rich conversational experiences for enterprises. The Seamless integration of voice, video and messaging provides unified communication solutions to cater to the organization's ever-evolving business needs. Real-time communication with a result-oriented approach facilitates execution of business goals. Leverage your business using Omnichannel, ChatBot, CoVideo, or, design a bespoke solution.


Develop virtual assistants, drive marketing initiatives, generate and close leads, set-up a virtual call centre, automate business processes, and more. All to engage and convert customers in real-time without losing an opportunity.


Onboard an employee, deploy tools to enable two-way communication, depart training programs, design recognition & engagement platforms. Automate HR processes with SSO, experience a seamless and paperless office, support employees with an effortless HR system to reinvigorate their work-life.


Changing times need innovative solutions. An existing organization or a startup, build a virtual ecosystem unique to the organization and relevant to the industry. Take daily sales reporting, conduct a large-scale town hall or conference, have workshops with multi-mini meeting rooms within it, or cross-functional reviews. You name it we design it! Save cost and increase efficiency.

Why Enterux?

Bespoke Solutions

Enterux’s biggest strength is to design bespoke solutions for enterprises’ unique requirement. We understand the industry, the business, its needs and the team structures to develop solutions. The objective is to introduce automation at its best to eliminate error, improve efficiency, increase results. The answers could be standalone or a fusion of bots, video, voice and related things.

Increase Revenue

Make an impact through pioneering solutions and assured quality. We define the case, articulate the content and align with the right channels to generate leads. Reduce the capital cost, create multiple opportunities to connect with customers, increase revenue with the help of virtual communication.

Branding & Customization

Customize and brand the solutions to make an impact on the customers. It distinguishes the products from the competitors to create a substantial recall value and resonance towards the brand.

Personilised NLP

The ChatBot training data is made unique to its purpose and the business. The machine is made aware of the context and emotions with real conversations to increase the level of accuracy. It gives the machine an ability to make informed decisions to take the right actions at the right time.

Expertise In Communication & Technology

With two decades of experience in the communication industry, our customers get an advantage of the expertise. Get the best ideas from experts to cater to current and future communication needs. With the help of proprietary technology in machine learning and computer vision, Enterux has developed some of the best solutions in video conferencing & chatbot.

In-premise Control

Get all the data exchange in control with servers on the premise. Make ‘data security’ a thing of the past.

Our Products

ChatBot Platform

Chatbots have proved to be the game changers of digital marketing. It is one of the most efficient and inexpensive tools to connect with users from their respective locations. Chatbot at Enterux is driven bots designed to enable actionable conversations using NLP, integrating APIs.

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CoVideo -
Multi Party Video Conference

Video Conferencing no longer is an extravagant tool meant solely for MNCs. It is the need for enterprises to stay relevant and connected. It connects employees who operate remotely, seniors who travel continuously, vendors present out of multilocation. Enterux Video Conferencing is a platform to conduct meetings, webinars, reviews, conferences, cross-functional brainstorming, interviews, training, and the likes of it.

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Virtual Call Center

Changing times demand innovative solutions. With work getting remote increasingly, Enterux Virtual Call Center (VCC) aids enterprises to stay connected with their customers from multiple remote locations. Enterprises and agents are not bound any more by geographical constraints, physical infrastructure or hardware to enable operations.

Enterux VCC is easy to integrate, automate, and a scalable solution developed in-house with intelligent queuing mechanism and event-based calling. Move your traditional call center to cloud telephony solution without any additional infrastructure cost, automate inbound and outbound processes.

  • Easy Integration
  • Auto Lead Generation
  • Secured & Easy Access
  • Customised Campaign Management
  • Quality Assurance & Monitoring
  • Global operations by connecting through multiple locations
  • Detailed reports
  • Realtime data view via online Pivots
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Enterux redefines the way communication is done to build rich conversational experiences for enterprises.


Give your customers a unified brand experience and create an impactful omnichannel strategy with Enterux Omnichannel.


A ready solution for your virtual communication needs. Get on board now, experience high-quality video & audio platform.


Video call-based KYC is the automation of KYC processing, approved by RBI. Enterprises can now reach out to customers virtually without the need for brick-and-mortar presence.