Voice Messaging (Voice Mail) Features

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entVoice telephony system is equipped with a voice messaging application that can be managed from the system management platform.

Customizable announcements

When a call is forwarded to the voice messaging system, the box holder chooses between two personalized announcements. If the personal announcement has not been recorded, the standard system announcement will be substituted automatically.

Forwarding of voice mail messages

The box holder can send a copy of previously received messages to other boxes (with or without requesting acknowledgement of receipt).

Call forward to the voice messaging system from a box holder

When a voice mail box holder agrees to have his or her call forwarded, or after a set amount of time that there is no response, the systems will automatically directs the internal or external caller to the voice messaging system. After the caller hears the announcement, the caller can record a message or decide to be forwarded to an attendant or a specific terminal.

Call by name

System provides the universal access by allowing to select a voice mailbox by its name by using the telephone dialing keypad. The caller will be guided in this operation by voice prompts.

Multiple languages

Voice mail boxes are supported by multiple languages. The service voice prompts played to a user will follow the same language the user has selected in the IP PBX system.

Overflow of internal calls

After a pre-defined delay, the system offers voicemail to internal callers for those who have a voice mailbox.

Message waiting indication

A LED on the terminal indicate the presence of one or more waiting messages. Users who have terminals without a LED are advised by a voice prompt that there are messages waiting.

Spoken newspaper

A spoken word "newspaper" or "information" service with a minimum length of 30 minutes is available.

Broadcast lists

Voice mail box holder has access to general and personal distribution or broadcast lists.

Silence detection

Voice messaging systems provides silence detection to avoid recording of blanks at beginning or end of recording.

Message review or access

Voice mail box holder can access waiting messages from any internal terminal or an external terminal via the general telephone network.

Access security

Security and privacy for the recording of personal announcements and in the review of messages are assured by a personal code.

Message storage

Messaging system can store messages automatically, for a programmable period of time, after which the message will be automatically erased.

Automated attendant

Messaging system offer an integrated and interactive automated attendant service. The application of messaging offers a service of integrated and interactive automatic operator.

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