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entVoice Unified Communications

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communication is a union of various communication technologies which integrate to form a platform called as “Unified Communication”. It includes various communication platforms like phones, email, chat,Voicemail, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, and Fax. It is typically a software platform that can be managed via a single centralized application.

What is entVoice Unified Communications?

entVoice Unified Communications is a complete communication platform which comprises of various communication tools like:
Interactive Voice Response with Speech Recognization technology
VoIP Telephony Service
Analog and GSM Telephony Services
Audio and Video Conferencing
Presence and contact
Instant messaging
Faxes to desktop
Voice Mail

The entVoice unified Communications is designed for the corporate users who need to manage all their communication platforms from the centralized location and to have a batter control over their communication system. entVoice Unified Communication is totally a web enabled system that can be managed from any location throughout the world. System is totally based on highly encryption modules that give additional security and protection to your communications platforms.

entVoice Unified Communication provides the following key functionality all together in a single integrated module:
1) Crates a bridge between Analog/GSM network and VoIP network to work in seamless manner. Both Analog and VoIP calls can be routed through the centralized platform.
2) Provides a facility to integrate with various existing applications like SAP, ERP, CRM and any other SIP based applications. Also provides integration with Microsoft Office Communicator and also gives a Click to Call feature and access to directories and contact information’s.
3) Advance remote handing features to allow secure access to office phone and its features from any remote location via a VPN client
4) Any one can do the extension management, IVR customizations, Voice Messaging, Audio Conferencing and lot more from a single Web based interface.
5) The powerful speech-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR). And speech server which is a part of entVoice Unified Communication, helps businesses to deliver significant value through speech-enabled self service applications via the telephone.

How it works ?

Unified Communication

Business Benefits form entVoice Unified Communications

• Reduce total cost of ownership and the process of deployment and management of Unified Communications
• entVoice Unified Communications helps professional to be more productive by providing them a central platform as a communication mode. Even the professionals can also keep in reach while they are at any remote location.
• Batter communication between customer service and support team through presence module, call forwarding and other tools results into resolving customer issues more quickly and also reduce the cost of onsite support.
• Provides an integration with the existing automation system which helps to respond fast while incident situations. Company must be able to resolve the issues faster as entVoice UC is fully populated with names, phone numbers, email address, IM Names,audio and video conference access etc….
• All the communication layers will work in a seamless manner providing a standard form of enterprise communication.
• entVoice Audio and Video Conferencing module can help to connect various people throughout the globe without giving their physical presence and hence saves a lot of time and money.

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