entVoice Galaxy Components

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Below is the list of entVoice Galaxy Components with their descriptions:

entVoice Galaxy ACD

The ACD queues and intelligently routes inbound calls to the available agents ensuring uniform call distribution and balancing load across call center executives. Additionally, it empowers agents with various call handling actions such as transferring to or starting a conference with other users or any third party.

entVoice Galaxy IVR

According to research, over 80% of inbound calls are repetitive in nature and they can be selfserviced by an efficient IVR System. The IVR can service customers with personalized voice prompts or customized informative messages about other products and services thereby encouraging cross selling and upselling.

entVoice Galaxy IP-PBX

Perform various call-processing features conventionally performed by a standalone PBX and process calls generated over a VoIP network or TDM network, extending functionality to the remote agents, while supporting ANI, DNIS and T-1,E-1.

entVoice Galaxy Outbound Dialer

The entVoice GALAXY outbound dialer uses a complex algorithm for agent availability, customer responsiveness and average interaction time allowing the users to configure dropped and abandoned calls thereby maximizing agents' efficiency and a controlled idle time. GALXY offers multiple dialing modes such as Predictive and Precision Dialing and flexible switchover to Manual, Preview and Power Dialing; it gives a wide array of campaign configuration choices to your managers. With high AMD rates, GALAXY throws maximum live calls to the agents thereby optimizing agent talk time. Moreover, GALAXY dynamically manages Multiple Minute Providers allowing Contact Centers to improve price performance.

entVoice Galaxy Voice Logger

Listen to agents' as well as customers' voice recordings or download voice logs for policy compliance, quality assurance, government regulations, contention resolution, process evaluation, data mining and personnel training.

entVoice Galaxy User Management

entVoice GALAXY allows easy user manageability. Users can be managed across various system entities right from the system to various campaigns and queues. One user can be assigned to different processes and campaigns in just a single click. Each user is assigned a privilege plan based on role, actions, authority and access as defined in the system.

entVoice Galaxy Multiple Campaign Management

entVoice GALAXY provides a complete view of campaigns with campaign summary across agents as well as processes. Call details such as total call count, status summary, disposition summary can be viewed along with minute details such as minute summary with average call duration, post dial delay (PDD), answer abandoned ratio (AAR)

entVoice Galaxy Lead Management

entVoice Galaxy allows quick data access and data input. With GALAXY, the agents can have access to complete customer information including historical data of the customer interaction cycles. Designed for easy lead management, tracking and status updates, the CRM allows you to create your customized interface for inbound, outbound and blended campaigns. GALAXY also allows you to manage multiple numbers of a single contact so as to ensure maximum contact. Moreover,the Scrubber technique allows you to distinctively identify and respect the Do-Not-Call Data and other non-business generating prospects thereby allowing you to zero in only on the valuable leads.

entVoice Galaxy Queue Management

entVoice GALAXY Provides Dynamic Queuing, which allows you to rationally service your valued customers. It enables the agents to offer personalized services to your customers via intelligent routing algorithms and priority-based queuing. Additionally, customers are informed of wait time simultaneously listening to music or customized informative messages about your other offerings allowing you to cross-sell and up-sell. During long wait-times, customers are allowed to leave voicemail or request for a callback so that the agents can revert to them at their preferred time.

entVoice Galaxy Reporting

entVoice GALAXY allows you to design and generate comprehensive reports to track necessary information for agent productivity, process efficiency, organizational performance and metric tracking. Reports can be generated using real-time, latest data locally, or via web-interface for remote access. Supervisors, managers and analysts can constantly analyze performance efficiency, map planned strategy to actual performance and improve on processes to achieve best overall performance.

entVoice Galaxy CTI

Maintain multiple client database & CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Screen pops allow the agents to access customer information in real-time mapping it into a GUI based interface through the database. So the agents can service faster and more efficiently.