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Whitepaper for entVoice Communications Architecture


The Technical Article will explain about what is entVoice Communications Architecture is? Document also explain about how entVoice Communication works, what are the various components of the platform and how these components integrates together to make a complete entVoice Unified Communications.

What is entVoice Unified Communication architecture?

entVoice Unified Communication is totally a three tire architecture platform on which we can run multiple communication application simultaneously. It also provides a feel of distributed architecture where various application servers distributed in any remote location can access the centralized oracle database.

Few of the advantages of using entVoice Communication Architecture
• Multiple asterisk boxes can be installed at various remote locations
• entVoice platform provides multilingual architecture
• entVoice platform Multi-location distributed architecture
• Robust network
• NTPL (Native POSIX Threaded library): Multi threaded library
• Distributed architecture
• Scalable
• Multiple core system: Each core will handle different application and it will perform

How it works?

entVoice Unified Communication distributed architecture

In the entVoice distributed architecture entire applications will be managed by the entVoice Applications server,whereas the entire database is managed by Oracle Server. This architecture will help to access various applications from remotes offices by just installing the asterisk box at the remote location and bind it with the centralized entVoice Application Server

It works in three layers format:
1) IP Binding
2) SSL: Secured Socket Layer: Highly encrypted communication module via SSL (Secured Socket Layer)
3) DOS Proof helps to protect the system from hackers and make the systems highly secured

entVoice Core Level Communication Architecture

Description: entVoice Core Level Communication Architecture

entVoice Communication architecture comprises of various components that works together to form the complete communications architecture. Various components and there role in the system are as follows:

1) entVoice-api port 80: entVoice API is used for integrating the third party applications, it helps to connect apache http server with entVoice CLI. It works over http://80 port.
2) ast-api: Asterisk API’s provides interface between entVoice CLI and asterisk server
3) agi: Asterisk gateway interface is used for both inbound and outbound calls, helps to run the IVR, dialers etc..
4) ami: Asterisk manager Interface is mainly used for inbound calls
5) CDR: Call Details Record helps to keep track of all inbound and outbound calls being made from the system. It also helps to build the billing engine.
6) ara: Asterisk Real-time architecture is for the real time SIP user creation, creating extensions and also helps to enable and disable various asterisk services at runtime. It Helps to run asterisk in hosted mode.
7) spx: Spinks is the speech reorganization engine works over asterisk