Entvoice Brochure

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Feature Rich Telephony Solution

entVoice provides all of the call management features that you would expect from an IP PBX platform, but without the costs. Unlike other solutions, entVoice also integrates with legacy technologies such as ISDN and analogue, providing a truly converged communications platform.

Simple Feature Upgrades

Built on open standards, entVoice features are uploaded to your platform and implemented with no impact to service.

Remote Working

entVoice provides remote workers with seamless access to the voice capabilities of the office by making and receiving calls just as if they were in the same location. With additional presence and messaging features, users can chat to each other and determine each other’s availability by using a simple PC application.

Business Integration Capability

Built on open standards, entVoice provides a number of integration points to assist in integration with existing email and CRM applications. entVoice can be used with Microsoft®Outlook® using a freely available plug-in application.

Easy System Administration

Administrators configure entVoice using a straightforward, intuitive web interface.Multilevel administrator access means that you can set varying privileges for different users.

Telephone Extensions

entVoice supports open standards and is truly vendor independent, enabling you to use handsets which comply with the SIP protocol. Other types of handset can also be used:
•Analogue telephones, fax machines and cordless handsets can be connected using analogue telephone adapters (or ATAs for short).
•WiFi phones enable you to be connected while roaming across wireless networks.
•Softphones provide you with the flexibility to make calls using your laptop. The entVoice softphone enables you to make video calls and send messages and check the availability of your colleagues.

Remote Extensions

entVoice allows remote workers and staff to be seamlessly connected to the office. By employing call compression and network traversal technologies you can be connected from absolutely anywhere and enjoy the same benefits and call quality as being in the office.

Corporate Instant Messages(IM) with integration to telephony

•See the presence information for members of the company
•Screen pop-ups for incoming and out-going calls
•Internal company IM

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