entVoice IP-PBX Solution

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Overview entVoice IP-PBX

entVoice is the next generation telecom system, which provides everything that you don’t expect from a conventional pbx system. What more, its based on enterprise grade open source telephony system and is easy to setup, simple to configure and breeze to maintain. entVoice is VoIP Enabled, which can allow you to further reduce your cost on legacy phone system, and provides you the comfort of managing your phone system from anywhere in world.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a protocol optimized for the transmission of voice through the internet or other packet switched networks. VoIP is often used abstractly to refer the actual transmission of voice (rather than the protocol implementing it). VoIP is also known as IP Telephony, Internet Telephony, Broadband Telephony,Broadband Phone and Voice over Broadband

Remote Extentions Via entVoice IP PBX

Remote Extensions Via entVoice IP_PBX

We can achieve free of cost telephony between various branch offices via entVoice IP-PBX and its remote extensions.

Pure IP Telephony Architecture via entVoice IP-PBX

Pure IP Telephony Architecture viaentVoice IP-PBX

In pure IP Telephony architecture our PBX will be implement over Ethernet only and there is no use of Analog extension, it will enhance your communication standard.

Integration of Analog and IP-PBX

Integration of Analog and IP-PBX

In certain company where already there is an analog telephony implemented via analog or digital PBX system, we can also do the integration of analog telephony with IP Telephony via our entVoice IP PBX. The architecture will provide you the flexibility to achieve both analog as well as IP Telephony features from the same platform.

Features Provided by IP-PBX Soluion

Easy System Administration
Support any telephony extensions including analog, digital and IP
Enhanced services including
o Call IP Display
o Dialing Permissions
o Call Recording
o Real time call monitoring
o Voice mail boxes
o Group answer/dial
o Email notification
o Conferencing
o Channels Limitation
o Security Settings
o Hot desking

Remote Extensions
Integration of Corporate Instant Messages (IM)
Web Based user portal for every extension holder
Unified messaging
Faxes delivered to desktop
Remote Access of voicemail
Outlook integration
Unlimited user over conferencing
Call Routing Options
o Call to be drop over you cell phones
o Least Cost Routing
Call Detail Records
Call monitoring & Call Recording
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

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