entVoice-The Next Generation Telecom System

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entVoice is the next generation telecom system, which provides everything that you don’t expect from a conventional pbx system. What more, its based on enterprise grade open source telephony system and is easy to setup, simple to configure and breeze to maintain.

entVoice is VoIP Enabled, which can allow you to further reduce your cost on legacy phone system, and provides you the comfort of managing your phone system from anywhere in world, putting up entVoice means you can save all the time and resource you would need to maintain the phone system, to focus on more important things, like running your business.

With entVoice you can:
• Quickly add, remove or modify phone extensions. Preset phone settings allow you to choose the phone type you are adding.
• Manage your conferences easily with a detailed interface to Meet me.
• Add or modify Agents and Queues through a powerful web-interface with ability to tweak every little config option.
• Complete voicemail interface. Easily manage voicemail boxes.
• entVoice User Interfaces come bundled with feature, allowing your users to log in and modify their extension setting or hear their voicemail online through a web- interface improving productivity.

Software Features

Product Perspective

The product is divided mainly in three parts: -
i) Asterisk that works as a soft switch.
ii) Control Server acts a central management of the software.
iii) Graphical Interface for client GUI and Server Admin GUI.

Product Features Automatic Call Distribution

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) means that system automatically dials customer’s numbers and transfer the connected calls to agents in case of outbound calls. In case of inbound calls system takes any inbound calls and plays some IVR and depending upon user’s response and agent’s availability system transfers the call to agent.

The system has ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) functionality for inbound and automated outbound calls.

Predictive Dialing

The system supports the Predictive dialing, in which the system dials without the agent on the line and check for human voice. If human voice is detected, the system automatically transfers the call to an available agent. The dialer places numerous calls simultaneously. If the called party is busy, no answer, not working, etc., the dialer discards the call and dials another number.

Alarm Receiver

There is a mechanism to alarm an agent that he is about receive a connected call in case of automatic outbound call.

Call forwarding on Busy

Call Forwarding is a feature used to route (transferred) calls to some other destination (extension) when the original extension is engaged in case of incoming call.

Call Forwarding on No Answering

Call Forwarding is a feature used to route (transferred) calls to some other destination (extension) when the original destination is unavailable after some period of time or number of rings in case of incoming call.

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