Features related to Attendant / Operator

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Attendant can bypass forwarding or do not disturb modes programmed on a phone by using an override feature.

Called Party Call Resources

When the called party is busy or does not answer, the following call resources are available on attendant keys:
• Callback request
• Text message
• Voice mail (on no answer only, when the called phone is not forwarded to voice mail)

Call Pick-up

Attendant picks up extension calls by using the individual call pick-up feature.

Transfer on no Answer Transfer on Busy

Attendant can transfer an internal or external call to a busy station.

Three-party Conference

Attendant can set up a three-party conference, and then transfer the conference to another user.

Trunk Assignment with/without Restriction (Transfer with Privilege)

This feature enables an attendant to transfer a trunk and public dial tone to an internal user. The user can then dial an external number with or without restriction.

Chained Call

This feature allows an external call (transferred by the attendant to an internal station) to automatically return to the attendant at the end of the call.

Charging Recall

This feature allows the attendant to display the number of charge units or the cost of an external call transferred to an extension at the end of the call.

Phone Reservation

This feature allows the attendant to reserve a phone to, for example, transfer an important external call.

Public Trunk Access Restriction

Attendant console (in idle state) can change the public trunk access and restriction for any phone.

User Station Creation/Modification/Deletion

Attendant console can create, modify, or delete a station.

Input of Directory Name in Phone Book

Attendant console can create or modify directory names in the phone book.

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